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    • June 8, 2009 12:13 PM EDT
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      This is the second of the feminization mp3s I purchased from Goddess Marquesa's site. As far as I can tell, these are currently the only two overt feminization mp3s Goddess curret;y has available but on this evidence, I would for one would certainly be queueing up for more!

      Whilst Marquesalon of Transformations (see my review a few posts down) is a sneaky, kinky short trip into what it would feel like to wear some sexy women's lingerie, Hypnowhore takes things a step further. Again I don't want to give too many things away but Goddess Marquesa's smooth, relaxing, sexy voice guides you down quickly to a place where you join her in feeling all the wonderful sensations of lingerie and then bringing out the woman inside. Obviously this woman is a submissive, hypnotised 'slut-slave' (oh how that rolls of Goddess' tongue in such a sexy provocative manner!) and the recording takes you deep down into hypnosis, into your feminine alter-ego and into submission to Goddess Marquesa all at once. Like I said, this recording seems to be the final overtly feminization mp3 available on her site but it left me gagging for more!

      When I came to listen to this mp3, I'd already been slightly conditioned by the sexy feminine persuasion in Goddess Marquesa's Marquesalon of Transformations recording and whilst you can listen to this on its own, they make a really nice pair, slowly relaxing you into the idea of bringing out your feminine side.

      I have no desire (yet!) to take my little dalliance with women's underwear and feminine feelings any further than simply an escape into a fantasy far from my normal persona but I have to say that these little trips into gender bending certainly sexy, fun and definitely hypnotic!

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