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  • Underrated: Fake Hypnosis. Thoughts?

    I think there are things that get so much backlash and so much dismissal that they become interesting again on the other side. Like, long progressive relaxations. It's easy to hate on them, because they're so omnipresent, but it's really hard to deny that they work on most people and they do amazi...
  • Hypno Rec

    Sometimes I just like to play with people, and sometimes I don't care if you surrender to me, as long as you surrender to trance.     I should probably wait before there are even more goodies to formally announce anything, but I wanted to share this - it's a little gift to those of us w...
  • F to the D

    I want to weigh in on financial domination because I don't see anything echoing some of my feelings and my motivations and interests.   Now, I don't consider myself "a Fin Dom" but rather a Domme who engages in financial fetishes just as I'm not "a spanker" or "a Sissy Trainer" or any one thi...
  • Mi Birthday es Su Birthday - GIVEAWAY

    So I thought I'd make a giveaway for THE FETISH STORE. 24.99 regularly, 0.00 for one clever kiss up among you :)   35 minutes of engrossing entrancing spellbinding storytime.  Leather and Latex fetishes will help you enjoy this, but you'll leave with them anyway, so really - all you ha...
  • Production Self-Challenge (Playing with Myself)

    This is a post about audio, production, aesthetics, and technique. Things that get my panties warm in the morning. Well, not quite, but they do get me pretty geeked.   Arthaus Geeks: Remember the early days of DOGME films? Wasn't it all diagetic sound only, and in-camera edits, and something ...
  • What do....(Sunday Special)

    Cuckolding, Rubber Fetish, and Mild Feminization have in common? They're all priced to become popular hits @ my clippette store For a limted time, of course. Enjoy! (links lead to previews)
  • The Big React

    I am not a good witch. I'm capable of very good things. I'll listen. I'll empathize. I'm not a sociopath. I'll even ask what questions to ask.  I don't impose. That's easy. A fetish just facilitates what I'm after anyway - the big reaction. The big push....
  • Conditioning Met Halfway

    Men are visual! Men are visual! A pronouncement made at every turn. I was having a pillow talk this week with my beauuuutiful beta, and I asked him "what's the best suggestion?" His answer? "You are helpless to stop it." I don't know if it's the best, but it's in my top ten. ...
  • I want a Hypno Sub.

    Well, no kidding, you might think. Doesn't she have them? You might ask. No. Not a one. Not a single one.  Read: Yesterday I was at the MD's going through something I have to do every 8 weeks there for the forseeable future that isn't torment, but kind of bites ass, and I used...
  • Starting with A.

    For Alpha. I don't find that when a guy identifies as alpha it's an immediate dick swing. I actually DO relish the process of making someone into something else, or cracking open that public persona, or whatever, but I don't like being manipulated by assholes. No one does. But assho...