GET BLOG NEWS: How FinancialDomination soothes you

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    Financial Domination is one of the most sensitive fetishes in the Femdom industry that make many tend to shy away from. According to observation over the years, submissive slaves hate the idea of a dominant domme as they term it:

    • begging
    • needy
    • desperate

    asking for cash, tributes and gifts rarely giving anything of VALUE back in return. Moreover, let's not forget  how website-shit-list, blogs and twitter rants emerge when a domme is frustrated that slaves are wasting their precious time or too many are broke.

    If this is considered a fact, then why does financial domination tend to exist successfully when OTHER money dommes are PROVIDING proof? The tug-a-war of Love/Hate for this specific fetish is mind boggling yet

    1. how does it sooth a skeptical  one such as yourself?
    2. why care since your not rich?
    3. what's in it for you once you obey, send in the form of money?

    Tempting to PRETEND to play as a money-slave huh? C'mon don't act like you don't know what I'm referring to. Lots of slaves will open up a fake account and communicate clearly how they wish to spoil, pamper and longterm-worship,  exhausting attention out of a Mistress or fetish Princess. Why? Because of feeling "left out" from the REAL slaves that are happy they found the Money-Domme of their dreams.

    So who's fault is this in pointing fingers?

    • Some believe human paypigs and cashcows are the flaw in messing up the fun.
    • Others feel we the "Findoms" (shorthand term for financial domination domme) are not clearly articulating how to express what we want or are simply NOT financially managing our lives  faking that we're in control.

    Perhaps its a combination of both proving one against the other. Well, thats just what makes up competitive advantages & strategies to give YOU as the submissive slave the control to choose wisely. You don't want your time wasted, we get it. The good news is that as long as this niche for a MoneyDomme provides reputable platforms to PROVE you will GET the

    • value you rightfully deserve - no bs content
    • reduce anxiety of false claims - no faking testimonials
    • your consistent investments are greatly appreciated - no high obligations

    Rest assured there is nothing to be afraid of  if we all honestly and fairly harmonize our parts together. Let the rest of the loose screws who refuse to do their part deceive each other. Therefore, Financial-Domination is supposed to be fun for BOTH parties and it IS!  Thanks to REAL cash-fetish-domes and AUTHENTIC money-slaves who LOVE to make it to be that way! :)