ALL MINE Now - by HypnoQueen

  • Posted by subbierobotslut
  • October 15, 2011 1:09 AM EDT

It was another weekend and I excitedly logged onto and went right to the Hypnotic Recordings Store, skipping over HypnoQueen's gorgeous Hypnotic Pictures this time. I went down the huge list and focussed on the new recording (at the time, She adds recordings all the time). I came upon "All MINE Now" and was littereally shaking a bit like a Junkie that has sight of his dealer. I uploaded the MP3 to my iPhone and began an exquisite Mind bending, Hypnotic weekend of Obedience training by the one and only Hypno Queen.

All MINE Now is an extension of "The Mask" (also on and free on the Queen's Private Slave site, and "Submissive Demon". All MINE Now takes the training and Brainwashing from theose other recordings and brings it all together on one delicious Hypno Cocktail. I slipped right into trance but it seemed somehow deeper than ever before. It was hard to know what was different but there's definitely something different about this one! I felt heavy as if liquid concrete had filled my limbs. HypnoQueen's voice brings me to heaven and beyond. I am so deeply in love and lust after each and every word, yet in this recording it seemed that I was deeper from it and it went directly into my subconcious. I reacted as the Queen expected and followed Her Commands to the letter but had little or no knowledge of it. "All Mine Now" is a most powerful recording and a wonderful example of HypnoQueen's power of Slavenosis over HypnoFetishists and submissives and for that matter any mere mortal. I highly suggest this recording, and since I own almost all of HypnoQueen's Catalog I highly suggest them all!


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  • mindslave67
    mindslave67 Hypno Queen has a truly great hypnotic voice. The pic for "All Mine Now" is so, well, cute. I'm sure the content of the file isn't as cute? i'm too scared to listen, happy
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  • subbierobotslut
    subbierobotslut Queen owns me for life and likely beyond. She is the best of the best, no one even comes close. I would do anything just to hear Her voice and remain Queen's lowly slave pet lustpuppy.
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