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A file from way back when I first started publishing stuff.


Like all files from eSuccubus.com, this file is free and available for download there as well as through the download links below this ad. If you like this work, feel free to tribute to me or request a custom file via Niteflirt

This recording takes the subject deep into trance, with Elena slowly binding them down and then taking them with her strap-on. The subject is changed slowly into a horny female bunny, obsessed with anal sex and being filled. This personality is then buried, brought out whenever the trigger "Butt Bunny Bouncing" is said. PLEASE BE SURE YOU WANT THIS RESULT BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS FILE. We will not entertain pleas of "but I thought it wouldn't work". If you do not think it will work why are you listening to it.

 The resulting personality remains until the subject is untriggered with the words "normal pet". The trigger can be said by the subject, by Elena, or by anyone the listener gives permission to.

In addition to the bondage fantasy, the bunny personality makes the subject forget their former form and indulge utterly in anal pleasure, including implanting a fetish for anal sex if it did not previously exist. The subject will feel a growing urge to trigger themselves if they have not done so in some time. The file encourages repeated listening.
This file contains a playful provision whereby the subject will email Elena a short message to let her know that they have listened.
Was requested as a weird idea way back when eSuccubus.com first started, free of charge like all of our published work.